2017 - 2018 Self Evaluation

Staff, tenants, Board Members, leaseholders and partners worked together on the Making a Difference project, our approach to self-assessment.

The Welsh Government has asked all social landlords to complete a regular self-assessment exercise to obtain a snapshot of how each organisation is currently performing.

The group’s approach to this exercise was to develop a set of local outcomes which describe the desired impact of our work on tenants and other stakeholders. Through evaluating existing data and carrying out new research by speaking to stakeholders, the group analysed how we are currently performing against each outcome, what we’re doing well and what we need to improve. 

The project gave members of the Making a Difference working group lots of new skills, experiences and knowledge and ultimately brought together a diverse group of people who have now formed strong relationships.

The project findings gave us a real flavour of how far we have come since transfer. Click here for further details. Further work will now be done to update the Making a Difference project and strengthen and improve our services in future.

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Economic Stability
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