Our Findings

We found that we were doing well in the followings areas:

  • Our partners complimented us on our strong, open, transparent joint working arrangements which benefit our communities. One example is the impact we have made with our partners on the local economy through the creation of jobs and apprenticeships

  • We have made a significant funding investment to improve our homes and in March 2017, we achieved the Welsh Housing Quality Standard

  • We are continuing to help tenants to maximise their income and manage their spending by providing financial advice and support. This is particularly important with the introduction of Universal Credit

  • The organisation is well-governed

  • We have made significant progress to improve our culture and staff performance

  • We are a financially sound and viable business

  • We are continuing to help tenants to sustain their tenancies by providing a range of support services before and during the tenancy

  • There has been a step change towards engaging with a wider body of customers in decision-making at Tai Tarian which has seen a move away from traditional engagement groups to co-production

  • Our services, including our multi-agency approach to tackling anti-social behaviour, are helping tenants feel safe in their homes

  • We have increased the methods of contact for our customers by maximising the use of digital technology

  • Our approach to reviewing services is based on ‘what matters’ to customers and ‘co-design’ ensuring that we engage with a wide range of customers and shape services according to their needs


The areas we’ve identified for improvement which are included in our plans are:

  • Continue to understand the likely impact of Welfare Reform changes and manage any risks to the organisation and our tenants

  • Review our applications process and shared lettings policy

  • Creatively use funding opportunities to regenerate communities in conjunction with our partners

  • Continue to understand our tenants and use the information to make sure we deliver the best service possible

  • Understand more about the properties that make up our portfolio to help us manage our properties and make informed decisions about our assets

  • Further enhance the overall appearance and security of our estates by improving boundary walls, fences and gates

  • Measure the impact of our services on our customers based on our desired outcomes. An example is measuring the impact of our new anti-social behaviour policy

  • Mainstream equality and diversity across the organisation, including access to services for all

  • Implement new approaches to deliver a consistent customer experience across our services

  • Understand whether all our services are providing value for money


Implementation of the actions included in each storyboard will ensure that we move further towards achievement of our desired outcomes over the next 12 months.

In the meantime, the Academy will continue its work to update the storyboards on a rolling programme and report them to Board on a quarterly basis.