A new way to apply for housing!

Wed 27 Apr 2022

A block for flats in Briton Ferry

We have been working on creating a new portal to make applying for housing with us easier and the good news is we are almost ready to launch.

So what’s changed?
Up until recently we have asked prospective applicants to complete an expression of interest form on our website.

Our applications team would then contact them to carry out a full assessment of their needs and to see if they were eligible for housing with us, prioritising their application in line with our policies.

Due to high demand, it could take anywhere between 10 – 15 weeks before we could carry out that assessment.

The wait could sometimes be even longer before people could bid on properties, while we waited for them to provide
important documents, such as evidence of income or health needs.

With our new portal, people can do this themselves. We still ask for all the important information up front, but we’ll now be able to give them an expected decision on their application very quickly.

The information we ask for hasn’t changed so completing the application can take around an hour. Evidence is still important, so we have the option for people to save their application and go back in if they need to find medical information, bank statements and other key documents.

We have included helpful information on each section to answer the questions we expect people to have as they complete their application.

If you know someone who has recently applied for housing with us, our team will be in touch shortly. If someone is looking for a home with us they will shortly be able to apply via our website.

Our team will also be happy to help applicants along the way, they just need to call 0300 777 0000.

What’s next?
In the near future Homes by Choice will also change making it easier for applicants to see the properties they can bid on, even suggesting alternatives in areas close by.

Watch this space!