Access to your home

Wed 24 Apr 2024

Tai Tarian staff member visiting a home

There are lots of reasons why we may need access to your home. It could be to carry out essential work that we’ve identified or that you’ve reported to us, carry out annual gas safety checks, surveys which helps inform future work and understand your property, or just for us to check how you are.

We appreciate that life is busy but letting us in is important to ensure your property is kept in a good safe condition. 

We can be flexible, so if suggested times for appointments don’t suit, please let us know and we can look at other options. Same if something crops up at last minute, just let us know so we can rearrange things and save us a wasted journey.

With over 9000 properties, it’s really important that we keep as many appointments as possible so that our staff are able to operate in an effective manner, whilst keeping your home in good working order and you and your family safe.