Bees cause a buzz of excitement at NPT Homes

Fri 17 Jun 2016

Jonathan looking after the bees

Staff at social housing provider NPT Homes have noticed a buzz around their Baglan headquarters over recent weeks. The hive of activity is all down to the arrival of a colony of bees.


The 30,000 bees have taken up residence in specially constructed hives in the office’s grounds. In addition, the coming months will see flowers planted in order to satisfy the bees as well as a vegetable garden which employees will take care of during their lunchtime.


Employee Jonathan Morris has undergone a bee keeping course at Swansea and District Beekeepers Society so that he can tend to the bees. Jonathan said “We had brand new hives installed last summer and ever since we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these bees. Through looking after and nurturing them, they will hopefully soon start to produce their very own honey.


I’d also like to thank the Swansea and District Beekeepers Society who ran the bee keeping course. They were extremely supportive and were always available with any help and advice I required.”


As well as producing honey, bees play a vital role in helping to produce a lot of the food we take from granted through pollination of fruit and vegetable crops. Despite this, numbers are on the decline due to pesticides, disease and loss of their natural habitat. Through introducing their own colony, NPT Homes hopes to play a small part in reversing this decline.


If all goes to plan, NPT Homes Honey will be available later in the summer.


The bees taking up residence is part of the organisation’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The strategy aims to encourage staff to adopt a healthy lifestyle and habits. In addition to introducing the bees and garden, the organisation also supports staff through providing exercise classes, pool bikes for recreational use as well as general health and nutritional support.