Celebrating Life in Sheltered

Thu 28 Jan 2016

NPT Homes' Scheme Ambassadors

Tenants in NPT Homes’ Sheltered Schemes are invited to the first ever Sheltered Housing Celebration Event on Friday 12th February 2016,

The event will showcase sheltered tenants’ skills and talents and it will also celebrate the success of the Sheltered Housing Review especially the role of NPT Homes’ Scheme Ambassadors. These are a group of tenants who helped to shape the new older person service.

This free event is the first of its kind and will provide an afternoon of entertainment, music and informative service updates for tenants

The new brand names for NPT Homes’ sheltered housing and its support services will also be revealed on the day.

The Scheme Ambassadors have organised the event by regularly getting together to share ideas and discuss event plans and progress. The group have sourced a venue, organised transport, refreshments and held rehearsals and auditions for the afternoon’s entertainment.

Invites and tickets designed by the ambassadors have been sent to all sheltered tenants. The ambassadors are delighted with the response as over 100 tenants have already confirmed their attendance.

Scheme Ambassador, Linda Brennan, said:
“This is our first ever sheltered housing celebration event and it’s great to see so many tenants getting involved, wanting this event to be a success.

We really want to showcase the lives and talents of tenants living in sheltered. Just because we are over the age of 55 doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time!

We have live music, refreshments and skills and information stalls.
We would like as many sheltered tenants as possible to come along and get involved which is why we have organised free transport.

It is going to be a great afternoon!”

NPT Homes’ Tenant Empowerment Officer, Amy Hines, said:
“The Scheme Ambassadors have really grabbed this event with both hands which is fantastic. The group have been extremely productive in planning and arranging activities for the afternoon whilst also promoting the event to friends and neighbours at their schemes.

The tenants wanted to organise an event to celebrate the lives and skills of those living in sheltered. As people age, their skills and knowledge can sometimes be over looked and this event is an opportunity to celebrate their abilities whilst also bringing together friends from across the borough.”