Cladding on NPT Homes Properties

Wed 21 Jun 2017


Given the recent tragedy in Grenfell Tower, we have received a number of queries and concerns that we are using a similar system.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our residents that the cladding system used on the tower block in London is a totally different system.

The company providing our external wall insulation system is a European and Worldwide leader in the manufacture of renders and insulation for the construction sector.

The system being installed by our contractors is non-combustible and we have received assurance that the system is safe and fire resistant. The product has gone through significant fire testing, with fire certification in place for the systems in use. The expanded polystyrene insulation boards are fire rated. The boards are unable to continue a fire as there is a retarding agent present that prevents ignition. If constant excessive heat/fire were to be applied to the board directly it would melt, however the render coating system that encapsulates the boards is also non-combustible.

Hopefully that provides suitable reassurance that safety is of paramount concern to NPT Homes.