Delay to Renting Homes Wales

Mon 18 Jul 2022

New homes

Housing Minister Julie James has announced the delay to to allow housing associations like us more time to ensure that systems are in place to support tenants, and so that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Katie from our housing team tells us what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Tai Tarian to get ready for the change.
“The Renting Homes Wales act was passed in 2016 but it was early this year when Welsh Government confirmed the changes would become legal. The date has just been deferred to 1st December.

Our teams have been busy updating our system to accommodate the new contract details, and ensuring we understand what the new legislation means for your rights, repairs and property maintenance. In the coming months we will do more of this and start preparing your new contracts.

Early next year we will post these to you. It will be a large document that we legally have to send. To make things easier, we will include a letter which will explain all the changes.

You won’t have to do anything, but we do ask that you take time to read it, so you understand your rights and
responsibilities and keep it in a safe place for future reference.”

What does the new law mean for you?
From December we will be known as a community landlord and you will be called contract holders when we send you your new contract or other important information.

• You will receive a new contract within six months, replacing your existing tenancy agreement.
• New customers will sign the new contract in the usual way.
• You’ll retain your existing legal rights to stay in your home.
• You will continue to receive the same services from us.
• Your rent will stay the same and, as we do every year, we will write to you in early 2023 about any increases from April 2023 onwards.
• Contract holders can be added with our agreement and removed with notice without the need to end the contract.
• Improved succession rights, setting out who has a right to continue living in a property if the existing contract holder dies.
• We will be able to repossess abandoned properties without a court order.