Home-Swapper Helps Tenants to Find a Match

Tue 25 Oct 2016

home swapper

NPT Homes is offering tenants a new and easy way to swap homes.

Home-Swapper is an on-line service that allows tenants looking for a swap to find a new home that fits their needs. Whether the tenant wants to swap homes to have more space, be closer to work or family or to simply have a fresh start, the service allows them to find potential swaps with ease.

To use the service, tenants need to register for free on the www.homeswapper.co.uk website, enter details about their current property and what they’re looking for in their new home. The service then automatically searches through the thousands of properties on its database to find a home that matches their criteria.

As well as using Home-Swapper via their website, tenants can also download a free app to make the service even easier to use. The app allows registered users to swipe through potential matches, upload photos of their home, chat with other swappers and receive instant alerts when a suitable match becomes available.

Mark Edwards, Applications & Allocations Team Leader at NPT Homes, said:

“We are really pleased to be introducing our tenants to Home-Swapper. Swapping homes can sometimes be a time consuming and frustrating process so by introducing this new service we can hopefully alleviate some of the problems they encounter. We’d encourage anyone looking to swap homes to register for this service.”

The Home-Swapper website is the UK’s largest community of social housing tenants looking for a house swap. Currently used by 500,000 people it makes swapping houses easier than ever.

 Mark Creese of Housing Partners, the company behind Home-Swapper said:

“We are really pleased to be working with NPT Homes to offer their tenants a quick and easy way of swapping homes. It’s a free and easy to use system and we hope that tenants looking for a swap will take advantage of the service.”

The Home-Swapper service is available to NPT Homes tenants from 1st November 2016 by registering at www.homeswapper.co.uk. Tenants who need more information on Home Swapper can contact their Community Housing Officer or the NPT Homes Lettings team on 0300 777 0000.