NPT Homes Invests £90m in Neath Port Talbot

Fri 30 Oct 2015

NPT Homes Invests £90m in Neath Port Talbot

Four years into its Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) programme, NPT Homes is on track to bring its housing stock up to WHQS by April 2017, spending £90m to date.

In October 2011, seven months after transfer, NPT Homes began rolling out its six year improvement programme.

Four years in and thousands of its tenants have benefited from big improvements to their homes and communities.

As a result of NPT Homes’ programme, over £90m has been invested in the local community. This has included 5,897 new kitchens, 5,422 new bathrooms, 3,613 rewires and 4,634 new heating systems being installed in almost every area of the Borough.

NPT Homes has also carried out 58% of its scheduled roof replacements, an impressive 84% of its window and door installations and 47% of its external wall insulation and render work.

In the last year, NPT Homes also extended its WHQS programme to its sheltered schemes. In addition to the kitchen, bathroom and heating upgrades, work in each of the sheltered schemes includes remodelling communal areas and specific accommodation to meet the complex needs of its tenants.

With support from the RNIB, NPT Homes has also been working in partnership with tenants and contractors to ensure the improvements meet RNIB’s Visibly Better Standard. This includes contrasting worktops, flooring and internal decoration which helps allow those with visual impairments to remain as independent as possible in their new homes.

Sandfields Resident Wendy Brenan, said:
 “I was a little hesitant to have the work done as I was nervous of the change but now I have had the work done I would never look back. I am so happy with it.

I had a brand new kitchen and bathroom which I chose from a range of options and the new heating system I have had put in is fantastic! So much better than the old one I had.

My Tenant Liaison Officer Nadine and Natasha, the Relocations Coordinator, were really supportive and answered all of my questions before, during and after the work.”

NPT Homes’ Chief Executive Linda Whittaker, said:
“We made a promise to residents at transfer that wherever possible, we would bring all our properties up to WHQS by 2017 and we are making great progress.

As our programme continues and other elements such as fences and boundary walls are introduced, the high level of workmanship and customer satisfaction remain high.
As we reach and pass each milestone I look forward to seeing the difference the improvements are making to the lives of our tenants and members of the local community.”