NPT Homes Mark St David's Day with Unique Opportunity for Members

Mon 29 Feb 2016

welsh flag

As part of their commitment to promoting Welsh language, NPT Homes is offering 15 members the opportunity to learn Welsh free of charge.

The social housing provider has joined forces with Swansea University to offer members the chance to learn Welsh via a new e-learning course which will run for 2 years.

Fifteen members will be provided with access to the e-learning course so they can learn at their leisure. The commitment will 1-1 ½ hours per week to study in their own time.

Every 4 weeks the group will meet up with other members to practice conversational Welsh with support from a lecturer from Swansea University. This will take place every 4 weeks at NPT Homes’s training centre in Briton Ferry.

The course will run for 30 weeks in the first year and 30 weeks in the second year.

Places are limited so interested members are encouraged to contact NPT Homes on 01639 505857 if they would like to sign up to the opportunity.

Karen Neale, Corporate Service Officer said:

“As part of our commitment to promoting Welsh language we are pleased to offer 15 of our members the unique opportunity to learn Welsh. The bulk of the course will involve e-learning for 1 – 1 ½ hours a week with a 2 hour conversational session taking place every month.

Those members who are interested in signing up should call 01639 505857 or email"