NPT Homes on Hand to Offer Help to Tenants Affected by Benefit Changes

Wed 16 Nov 2016

NPT Homes' Universal Credit team

NPT Homes is urging tenants affected by changes to the benefit system to contact them if they need help or advice.

As the largest social landlord in the area, NPT Homes is expecting over 4000 tenants to be impacted by welfare reform over the coming years. To help them through this change, the social housing provider has dedicated teams available to support tenants.

The introduction of both Universal Credit and the Benefit Cap is expected to have a significant impact on many tenants, so the social housing provider is urging those affected to contact its specialist Universal Credit or Financial Inclusion teams for advice.

Universal Credit is a new type of benefit, designed to support people who are on a low income or out of work. It was introduced in Neath Port Talbot in April 2015 and will eventually replace six means tested benefits, including Housing Benefit.

The new benefit cap comes into force this month and limits the total amount of certain benefits people can get if they are working age. If the amount of benefits a tenant receives is above the cap then their Housing Benefit or Universal Credit will be cut.  The cap only applies to those claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and some people are exempt.

NPT Homes’ Financial Inclusion Team Leader, Nerys Rees said:
“With the roll out of Universal Credit and the introduction of the Benefit Cap many tenants are going to see considerable changes to the amount of benefits they receive.

Our teams are ready to help tenants to try and mitigate the impact of these changes by providing advice on maximising income and helping with benefit appeals. Any tenant worried by the changes can contact our teams for advice.”

Since 2011, the NPT Homes has assisted tenants to claim over £9 million in entitled benefits as well as offering budgeting advice, information on how to set up bank accounts and distributing foodbank vouchers.

NPT Homes tenant Ms Jones recently recevied help from the Universal Credit team. She said:
“Waiting 6 weeks for my first Universal Credit payment was tough but the team helped me out with foodbank vouchers so I could get by. The Financial Inclusion team also helped me with budgeting so that I could make my money last all month. I would encourage anyone who needs help or advice to contact them.”

If you are an NPT Homes tenant and would like advice on changes to your benefits then contact:
Universal Credit – 01639 315000;  
Financial Inclusion – 01639 506623;