Rent and service charges – Did you get your booklet?

Mon 29 Jan 2024

Rooftops of houses in Port Talbot

Recently you will have received a booklet outlining the rent, and where applicable service charges you will need to pay from April onwards.

As a community landlord, we receive guidance from Welsh Government every year on how much we can charge you, while still ensuring we are able to spend on maintaining your home, providing services and improving our communities. We then calculate what this would mean in pounds and pence for all tenants to ensure what you pay is still affordable.

Speaking to tenants about this has been key, with a roadshow of summer workshops, face-to-face sessions and over 1000 responses from our survey on rent.

We have had important conversations with the people that matter.

A key part of this has been looking at our affordability principles which were developed with tenants.

These are:

  • We will compare our rents against market rents.
  • Our rents will be affordable, in-line with the Living Rent Model for households who earn a low wage.
  • Our rents will consider the number of bedrooms you have.
  • We will set out what you will receive for service charges, and will ensure the amount is fair, reasonable, and provides value for money.

If you’re worried about paying your rent or your household budget being squeezed by higher bills and everyday costs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Whether you’re in work or claiming benefits there may be help available. Contact details for your designated Rent Officer and Housing Officer are included on page 3 of your rent booklet or call us on 0300 777 0000 for further advice.