Tai Tarian aims to be carbon neutral by 2030

Thu 07 Nov 2019

Climate strike

Tai Tarian has announced that we have committed to achieving carbon neutral status by 2030.  As an organisation, we are keenly aware of the rapidly evolving climate crisis and over the last year we have considered the challenges of our changing world, in technology, in politics and society, and most critically in the natural environment.

Chief Executive, Linda Whittaker explains why we are doing this:

”The time has come to respond to the climate crisis with urgency.  It is time to stop waiting to see what others will do.

We will aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, which will include our properties, offices and transport. We will achieve this through a combination of actions such as:

  •  Extensively investing in our homes, improving the energy performance wherever possible
  •  Using emerging technology to make homes and commercial buildings smarter
  •  Continue our pioneering work in making renewable energy in new homes cost effective
  •  Introducing an extensive tree planting and bio-diversity programme
  • Gradually change our vehicle fleet to electric power
  • Encouraging employees to make less use of cars, by car sharing, cycling or other solutions.
  • Working more flexibly, either from home or from community hubs, reducing overall travel distances
  • Sharing learning to help our colleagues and our customers adapt their behaviour

Although this is an extremely ambitious commitment, the passion and commitment of our people convinces me we will achieve it. From our leadership on wildlife projects in the Borough, to our engagement with the climate strike and our weekly “Fridays for Future” climate focus, we are already alive to the need for change.

Follow our journey toward carbon neutrality, and consider making your own commitment to achieving the change we so urgently need to address the climate emergency.  We will keep everyone updated on progress through our social media channels, our website, and local news outlets.”