Tai Tarian help tenants through cost of living crisis

Wed 13 Apr 2022

With no let-up in the cost of living crisis, Tai Tarian is stepping up efforts to make sure their staff can support tenants during these tough times.

The social housing provider’s Money Mentors training programme is upskilling staff to enable them to help tenants who are struggling and have money worries. 

The course was originally launched in 2019 and is mixture of in-person and online learning.  It will give staff an understanding of the current issues and the impact they are having on our communities.  It will also give them an understanding of personal budgeting and money management, help to spot the early signs of financial pressure and the ability to confidently advise and signpost to organisations who can help. 

So far, 20 staff have completed the training with another 10 due to start the course next month.  From these, five or six will undergo further training so that they will be able to deliver the programme to their co-workers as the course is rolled-out to all staff over the coming months. 

The course has been developed and delivered by Toynbee Hall, a leading financial health and advice charity based in London’s East End. They work alongside communities experiencing exclusion and inequality to find solutions to create a fairer and happier future. They have been delivering training and advice around money to individuals and organisations for over 20 years. 

Jonathan Morris is co-ordinating the programme on behalf of Tai Tarian.  He said: 
“We all know how tough things are at the moment with ever-rising energy bills, high petrol prices and even things like the cost of a loaf of bread soaring. Our tenants, many of whom are on low incomes, are feeling the pinch more than anyone. 

“We know from talking and listening to them that when their money is working well then they are likely to experience less stress, be healthier, happier and more connected. 

“Our goal is that as many Tai Tarian staff as possible will undertake the training, so they will know what to say and do when they meet someone who needs support around making money work better for them. 

“Many of our staff meet tenants in their roles which means they have a unique opportunity to help people when they are out and about in the community.”