Tai Tarian Pledges to End Mental Health Stigma

Mon 09 Oct 2017

Linda Whittaker signs the pledge on behalf of Tai Tarian

Tai Tarian is marking World Mental Health Day by signing up to the Time to Change Wales pledge.

The pledge, which aims to improve understanding about mental illness, reinforces the housing provider’s commitment to thinking and acting positively to help people who may be suffering.

Signing the pledge is being promoted by Time to Change Wales, the first national campaign aimed at ending the discrimination faced by people with mental health problems.  It is being led by three leading Welsh mental health charities, Gofal, Hafal and Mind Cymru.

The pledge underlines Tai Tarian’s commitment to supporting staff and tenants who may have mental health conditions.  It follows on from a series of awareness raising events held by the housing provider during Mental Health Awareness Week earlier in the year.

Speaking at the signing, Michael Harvey from Time to Change Wales said:
“We are really thankful to Tai Tarian for supporting us.  It is really important that organisations get behind our campaign and help tackle the stigma that exists around mental health.”

Tai Tarian Chief Executive, Linda Whittaker signed the pledge on behalf of the organisation.  She said:
“According to official figures, around a quarter of the population have some form of mental illness.  Despite this, there is still a stigma attached to these conditions and sufferers can face discrimination in all walks of life.  By signing this pledge, we are saying to our staff and tenants who may be suffering in silence that we are here to listen, help and support them.”