Tai Tarian Supports Michael Sheen’s Alliance to End High Cost Credit

Mon 19 Mar 2018

Michael Sheen

Tai Tarian is proud to be actively supporting a new organisation founded by actor and activist Michael Sheen, aimed at tackling the unfair targeting of high cost credit to those who can least afford it.

The Neath Port Talbot social housing provider is one of the key members of a new organisation called The Alliance which was founded by Michael just over a year ago and will be officially launched today (March 20 2018).

Tai Tarian will work with Michael and other organisations across the UK, including Neath Port Talbot Community Voluntary Service (CVS) and Public Health Wales, to find ways to make change happen. Many of the ideas and actions will be tested locally in Michael’s home town of Port Talbot.

In a keynote speech at the Responsible Finance Conference in Glasgow today, Michael will publicly announce the details of the Alliance and its first manifesto.

He said, “From the very beginning of this initiative I sat down with Tai Tarian and the CVS to explore the challenges and opportunities locally, and they have been an integral part of the planning for the Alliance.

“The impact of the Alliance will be UK wide, but will take the approach of scaling up from localised testing of our ideas and actions.

“They’ll continue to play a lead role in helping to test ideas and work with me as we get the best ones to scale across Wales and the UK.

"Our message is simple, credit is good but not in a system where it is unfairly targeted and maximised for profit over social impact. We need ideas, we need solutions and most importantly we need to act.”

The Alliance seeks to end the damage caused by high cost credit through taking new and collaborative approaches to tackling changes in regulation, policy, public debate and investment in fairer alternatives.

It will also look at training workforces so they can provide support and signposting to advice and fair finance provision within the local area and online.

Research carried out by Tai Tarian shows that many Neath Port Talbot residents are struggling to meet their essential needs from available income and are using high-cost credit and/or are experiencing unmanageable debt.

Tai Tarian Chief Executive Linda Whittaker said, “As a social Landlord we see the effects that high cost credit has on our tenants and the communities they live in.

“That’s why we were so keen to get involved and help shape this important movement from the start as we know people really need help.

“Michael has done remarkable work in pulling together key organisations across the UK to found the Alliance and now it’s time to work with him to make the aims of the Manifesto a reality.

“We along with other Alliance members are committed to working with communities to co-design solutions that make a difference for people and are looking forward to testing some of those solutions locally in Neath Port Talbot.”

More than 50 partners are taking part in The Alliance to make change happen quicker and for each action to be more effective when supported by a movement not just individual organisations.

As well as the Manifesto, the first report of the Alliance will be published tomorrow (March 21, 2018) revealing the response of the general public to the impact of high cost credit on their daily lives. The report is published by the Royal Society for Public Health, a member of the Alliance.

A full manifesto detailing the aims, members and resources of the Alliance can be found at www.the-alliance.org.uk