Tenant Cookstars!

Fri 19 Apr 2024

At the start of the year, we partnered with the Fed Line Project to offer the first four-week cookery course to tenants.

The Fed Line Project is a charity which aims to build confidence around cooking healthy, nutritious and family friendly meals. They also help with meal planning, shopping and making the most of food budgets.

Over four weeks, our tenants got to grips with some basic kitchen techniques before going on to cook some delicious family meals.

Participants learnt how to make breakfasts, lunches and main meals, including pizzas, soups, chilli and spaghetti bolognese.

Among those taking part was Natalie from Neath, here’s what she had to say:
“It’s been amazing to learn lots of new skills and make meals I wouldn’t normally make. I’ve got a large family so it’s great to be able to rustle up healthy and nutritious food for them.

“The kids can’t wait for me to get home every week and taste test what I’ve made. I’m glad to say they usually give a big thumbs up!

“I’ve now got them involved too and we make at home what I’ve learned on the course – the pizzas were a big hit.”

Kate from Sandfields added:
“I’m really enjoying the course, I wish it could be longer.

“As well as making new meals it’s also given me ideas of what else I could make, so a real confidence boost. It really has been worthwhile.”

Kath led the course of behalf of the Fed Line Project:
“It’s been great to see the fun everyone has had on this course. I’ve also enjoyed it too, seeing them picking up these new skills so quickly and discovering how easy it is to make healthy and nutritious meals for all the family.

“It’s not just about the food though. The social aspect is really important too. People who didn’t know each at the start have become friends and now help each other out. It’s great to see everyone getting along so  well.

“For me though, the greatest satisfaction comes when I hear that they’ve been putting their new skills into practice at home and cooking meals with their children. That’s what it’s all about really.”