Tenants Reminded of the Importance of Fire Doors

Thu 22 Sep 2016

Fire Door Safety Week

NPT Homes is marking Fire Door Safety Week by reminding residents of the importance of keeping fire doors closed and immediately reporting any defects.


Fire Door Safety Week runs from 26 September – 2 October and has been organised by the British Woodworking Federation. It aims to highlight the crucial part fire doors play in the passive protection of multiple occupancy buildings.


Internal fire doors help to compartmentalise a building, keeping fire and smoke trapped for a while in one area, so that the fire can be tackled and people can be safely evacuated. Signs that might indicate a fire door include things like a blue 'Fire Door' or 'Keep Closed' sign, door closers, or smoke seals around the edge of the door or the frame.


Fire doors are often the first line of defence in a fire and their correct specification, maintenance and management can be the difference between life and death for building occupants.


With this in mind NPT Homes is reminding its tenants in properties with fire doors to make sure they are always kept closed and to never wedge them open. In addition, if any tenant spots a defect with a fire door then they are asked report it immediately to the Housing Repairs section at NPT Homes on 0300 777 3000.


Mathew Keenan, Housing Maintenance Officer at NPT Homes said:

“Whilst we always ensure our fire doors are well maintained, defects occasionally do happen. If any of our residents spot something that is amiss we’d ask them to immediately report it by calling our Housing Repairs number.


In addition we ask our residents to never wedge the doors open and to always ensure that they are fully closed. By doing this, the doors will do their job in helping to contain any fire that may break out.”