Ty Gnoll Newydd Residents Raise £765 for Shaw Trust

Tue 16 Aug 2016

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Residents and staff at NPT Homes’ Tŷ Gnoll Newydd complex in Neath have helped raise hundreds of pounds for charity.


With the complex temporarily closing for refurbishment, the tenants and staff took the opportunity to de-clutter and dispose of some unwanted furniture. However, instead of discarding the items they were donated to Shaw Trust.


Over 40 arm chairs from the communal lounge area as well as tables, crockery and paintings were donated to Shaw Trust. To date, £765 has been raised for the charity, with many more items still to be sold.


Margaret Gaskins, Scheme Co-ordinator at Tŷ Gnoll Newydd said:

“When we needed to prepare for moving out of Tŷ Gnoll Newydd, we knew we would have to get rid of a large amount of furniture. However, with most of the furniture in good condition, we realised that we may be able to raise some money if we donated the items to charity.


“The amount of money raised might make people think twice about binning unwanted objects, and donate them to a worthwhile cause instead.”


Shaw Trust, which was established in 1982, supports over 50,000 people every year to live independent lives through providing employment opportunities, skills development training and health and well-being services.


Claire Harris, Store Manager at Shaw Trust in Neath said:

“We are very grateful to the tenants of Tŷ Gnoll Newydd for the furniture that they have donated to us. We’ve been able to sell it on through our shops and have raised a considerable amount of money as a result. This will go a long way to helping us support vulnerable members of our society to achieve their potential.”


Earlier in the year, the kind hearted residents also donated 15 bags of unwanted items to the Armed Forces charity SSAFA.