A New Name for NPT Homes

Fri 21 Jul 2017

We are Tai Tarian

NPT Homes has changed its name and will now be known as Tai Tarian.

It is now six years since homes were transferred to NPT Homes from Neath Port Talbot Council, with the main purpose of the transfer being to bring homes up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS). This was achieved in March this year.

As we now look to the future, this will see us continuing to invest in our properties and services, it may also see us expanding beyond Neath Port Talbot, while continuing to focus on improving the services we deliver to our customers.

Therefore it felt the time was right to change our name, to help us achieve our future plans and also provide clarity within the local community that we are a separate organisation to the Council.

Staff and tenant members were consulted about what the name should be.

As a Welsh organisation we felt it was important to give ourselves a Welsh name. Over 400 names were suggested and staff had the deciding vote, the clear favourite was Tai Tarian.

Tarian translates as “shield”, invoking themes of strength and protection and reinforcing the fact that we don’t just provide homes but also offer support for our tenants and communities. Tai means houses.

Chief Executive Linda Whittaker said:

“NPT Homes will be known as Tai Tarian from Monday 24th July. Changing our name is just that. We are the same organisation, with the same staff, offering the same services and based in the same offices. We are not merging with anyone else and we have not been taken over by another company. All our contact numbers stay the same and staff email addresses will now end with @taitarian.co.uk,  our website will look the same but the domain name will be www.taitarian.co.uk.

Link to Video on Tai Tarian

Tai Tarian Communications to Tenants