Tenant Members

The tenant members of our Board are...


Denise Davies Photo

Denise Davies

Tenant Member

Denise has been involved with Tai Tarian since before transfer in 2011. Her main involvement has been through the various tenant groups and consultation events, including Membership Committee, which enabled her to have a say on the future and on key decisions about the services which Tai Tarian provides.

Denise was heavily involved in the programme of works and economic regeneration (POWER) group and made key decisions on appointing the contractors and selecting the design options for tenants to choose from as part of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) improvement programme.

As well as Chairing Tai Tarian’s Communications Group for two years, Denise was also involved in Wales’ Tenant Advisory Panel (TAP). Denise is extremely passionate about tenant involvement and as a Board Member takes pleasure in ensuring tenants remain at the forefront of key decisions.

Samantha Jones Photo

Samantha Jones

Tenant Member

Sam was born and raised in Port Talbot. She moved away for a few years but there is no place like home! Sam has been a tenant for 12 years and seen the changes that have taken place and the improvements that are well underway.

Since becoming a tenant board member she feels it has been a fantastic way of assisting in future changes that effect the local community. Sam works in the customer service environment. Here, she gained knowledge to help improve and make things better.

Sam is passionate about what she does and where she lives, and is a firm believer that the community we live in can help Tai Tarian achieve its strategic plans and future goals. She is always looking at the bigger picture to find out how and why things work.