Becoming Board Ready

Board member at Ty Gwyn

Becoming board ready
We have an exciting opportunity to get you trained ready to become a tenant board member.

What do our board do?
Our board is made up of 12 members and they play an important role in providing strategic leadership, monitoring our performance and making decisions about our finances, standards and policies.

A paid role
As a board member, you receive an annual fee of £5,000 which is paid every quarter. This income is taxable and would impact on any benefits you may receive but our financial inclusion team could offer advice on this.

The commitment
The role takes an average of one and a half days a month. This covers attending and preparing for meetings, reading board and committee papers and any training. There are seven board meetings throughout the year, these are usually held at 5pm at our office in Baglan, along with two board development days, which tend to take place in the afternoon.

In addition to this, you will be a member of one of our committees, meetings of which are held virtually, on a quarterly basis, late in the afternoon.

Getting you board ready
We have a training and development programme launching in the autumn for tenants who have an interest in joining our board.

The programme will give you an understanding of what the role entails, with formal training, information briefings and the opportunity to observe meetings.

All of this will get you ‘board ready’ for when we advertise for the roles at the end of the year.

If you would like to be part of our training programme or have questions, get in touch with our Corporate Governance Officer, Carolyn Heaven - 01639 506079