What is a Service Charge?

Your service charge is the amount you contribute towards the costs of us providing services and maintaining your block and estate. These services depend on where you live, but may include; management fee, communal lighting, gardening, caretaking, cleaning, repairs and lift maintenance.

Tai Tarian operate several different leases and your service charge is calculated according to your lease agreement. The type of lease agreement for a property depends on when the leasehold was purchased. Your service charge is calculated annually for the period 1st April to 31st March. Depending on your type of lease, Service Charge demands may be issued to you monthly or annually.

Each year, we will estimate the costs involved in maintaining and managing the block and estate where your home is. Once the financial year has ended, we will work out how much was actually spent on providing services for the previous year.

To find out more on how to pay your service charge visit our Make a Payment page.


Failure to keep your Service Charge payments up to date will put you in breach of your lease agreement and may result in you losing your home.