Cilfrew and Aberdulais

Fencing being constructed

Our external improvement programme is coming to Cilfrew and Aberdulais and this is what we'll be doing:

What you can expect
Our external programme is about ensuring the garden and boundaries of your home are safe.

So far we have installed fences, walls, paths and gates in homes in other areas. What work you have will depend on a survey of your outdoor space. You may have had one before but we will carry out an updated one soon.

You can find out more about the work and the people you will meet as part of the programme here.

Enhancing local open spaces
Whilst we’re in the area improving your gardens, we also try and improve the community by doing some work on our land in the area. This can be planting trees or wildflower or even community orchards, like we have in other areas.

The aim is to ensure an open space for everyone to enjoy locally, so it’s important that you share your views with us.

You can share your ideas for what you'd like to see by e-mailing or calling Amy on 01639 508455.