Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

When are you coming to my area?
As the Borough is so vast and we have over 8500 properties, we can’t carry out all of the work at the same time.

We have geographically grouped areas together, like we did when we were upgrading your kitchens and bathrooms.

We have planned the work between now and 2025 but factors such as weather, extreme temperatures, or having to carry out more work than anticipated means the expected dates are subject to change.

The latest programme can be found here.

Who will carry out the work?
Our contractors are ASW and RT Contractors with our Copper Foundation also carrying some out the work.

How long will the work take?
We will always try to complete the works in the quickest time possible to minimise disruption to you.

You will be advised of how long we expect work to take by your Tenant Liaison Officer (TLO) before any works start.

As each home is different, the timescale for completing the works depends on a number of factors. Some of the main issues affecting the timescale are:

  • Size of the external area
  • Number of elements of work needing completion
  • The weather

What do I need to do?
Keeping your property and garden in good condition will mean the first stage with our Housing Liaison Officers will run more smoothly.

The process is very much a partnership, so allowing us access to your home, and asking any questions you may have will also help.

What could change?
In lots of cases we will be enhancing your outdoor space for the better. In some cases you may have erected garages, sheds, outbuildings or made changes to the boundary walls and fences without asking for Landlord’s Permission. Permission will need to be granted now, providing we are happy with what you have done.

If you currently have a driveway within the boundary of your property, we will consider its condition and where required ensure the area is safe and appropriate for parking vehicles.

However, in order for us to consider a driveway on your property you MUST have:

  • Obtained consent from the Local Authority Highways Department to cross their land (ie the pavement) to access your driveway.
  • Obtained Landlords Permission from us to park your vehicle within the boundary of your property.
  • Completed and paid for the required works to drop the kerb outside your home to allow access to your designated driveway area.

PLEASE NOTE: If you currently use land within the boundary of your property for parking vehicles and do not have the relevant permissions as set out above, we will not be able to consider the use of this land as a driveway.

In these instances, if the parking area you have created is deemed unsafe and unsuitable for holding the weight of a vehicle and you do not have authority for crossing the pavement with your vehicle, we will remove any existing parking area.

If we are having work, do we have a choice of style/colour etc?
Part of the reason for carrying out the external improvements programme is to enhance how our communities look.  Keeping things consistent will really help us achieve this.

However, rest assured we are using quality products and works so far have really transformed areas.

Why are you in some areas longer than others?
Simply, because of the number of homes we have in that particular area. We expect to be there a lot longer than in other areas where we have less homes.

Will everyone have improvements made to their garden?
If your current fencing/gates etc are in good condition then you may not need any improvements. 

You may also not get any work done, if the condition of your home means that your Housing Liaison Officer won't be able to pass your property to the surveyors for the next stage of the process.

Can I say no?
In some cases yes, but if the work is needed for safety it will have to be done.