Property Compliance

A Tai Tarian engineer fixing a boiler

Our Property Compliance Team ensures that all of our properties, land and associated assets are managed in accordance with all statutory rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

The team also deals with:

Gas safety and boiler servicing
As your landlord we have a legal obligation to ensure that the gas boiler in your home is serviced every year. Why? To make sure that it is working correctly, not leaking potentially deadly carbon monoxide and that your health and wellbeing is not at risk.

Our contractor Westward Energy Services will contact you when your boiler needs a service and all you have to do is agree a time which is convenient for you.

If you keep your arranged appointment you will not only know that your home is safe, but you will also be placed in our monthly draw for a £50 prize.

Electrical Safety
We undertake cyclical testing of our domestic electrical systems in line with the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS). You will be contacted occasionally to give access to your property for testing purposes. Our Electrical Compliance Team will visit to test your electrical system to ensure that it is safe to use and undertake any minor repairs.

It is vital that you work with us to arrange a suitable time and date for the visit to take place. The testing of the electrical system will ensure that you and your family are kept safe.

If you have any questions please contact us.