Responsibilities and Timescales

NPT Homes Repair Staff

When you report a repair to us we assess the problem and your circumstances and then allocate it to one of the following categories:


Emergency Repairs - We will respond within 24 working hours and the work will either be completed or made safe.

A repair is considered an emergency where there is a possibility of danger to life or limb or will cause major damage to the property. An emergency can be reported 24 hours a day by calling our 0300 777 3000 number and some examples of emergency repairs are provided below.

Following our initial response to the reported emergency, further works may be required and will be categorised as urgent or routine repairs as appropriate.

Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • An immediate danger or health hazard to occupants
  • Serious damage to the property
  • No essential services i.e light, power, water and sanitation
  • Serious flooding and leaks
  • Lift breakdowns
  • Damage to doors or windows that makes the home insecure
  • Blocked toilet (if there is only one)
  • Dangerous walls and other elements.

Urgent Repairs - We will complete the repair within seven days.

These are repairs that are needed to overcome substantial inconvenience or discomfort, to prevent immediate damage to the property or where there is a potential health or security risk.

This includes:

  • No hot water or heating
  • Blocked sinks, basins, baths and showers
  • Leaking roofs, toilets and drains
  • Repairs to collapsed ceilings and floors.

Non-Urgent Repairs – These repairs are completed in date order of when they are reported. The time to complete non-urgent repairs varies upon the nature of the work. We aim to complete most non-urgent repairs within 20 working days or include them in a programme of works schedule.

These are repairs which do not cause tenants immediate inconvenience or pose any danger to occupants or the public and include:

  • Leaking gutters
  • Dripping overflow pipes
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Slow draining sinks, basins and baths.

Please note changing and purchasing light bulbs is a tenant responsibility.

Maintenance Inspections

Some repairs will need to be inspected before repair work can be carried out. The maximum time for an inspection to be carried out is five working days.