Anti-Social Behaviour

Tai Tarian is committed to making a difference. In pursuit of this vision the Ant-Social Behaviour Policy aims to help Tai Tarian provide a safe and secure environment for our tenants, leaseholders and licensees to live in; by preventing and tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB) using the most appropriate means. Tai Tarian believes that everyone has the right to enjoy their lives in their own way provided they respect the needs of other people within their community and stay within the law. We will seek to prevent and tackle ASB that is caused by or is affecting our tenants, staff and the wider community in the most appropriate way.

What is ASB?

ASB encompasses a range of behaviours. At its most serious it can cause mental distress or injury to people and/or damage to property. At its least serious it can cause nuisance and annoyance. It includes:

  • Actual  or threatened violence
  • Hate crime eg racial harassment
  • Domestic abuse
  • Verbal abuse, bullying and intimidation
  • Alcohol and drug misuse
  • litter or dog mess in public area, graffiti and fly tipping
  • Noise nuisance - people, music, vehicles and animals.

The above list is not exhaustive because ASB covers a range of behaviours including those that are the result of domestic abuse and hate crime. Tai Tarian will help support victims and liaise with the police when dealing with such cases.

How Do We Tackle ASB?

Our Tenancy Relations Officers and Tenancy Relations Support Officers work together with those affected by ASB within our communities. Each case is different, but your Tenancy Relations Officer or the Tenancy Relations Support Officers dealing with your case will tell you about the options available and will visit you to discuss them. We will work with you to resolve the problem.

To view Tai Tarian's ASB Policy, click here.

What Do I Do If I am experiencing ASB?

To report an incident you can contact your Tenancy Relations Officer.

If the incident involved a criminal act or a Police response is needed, you should call 999 or for non-emergency calls phone 101.