Universal Credit

Annual rent increases

Your rent will increase from 1st April 2019.

As a Universal Credit claimant you need to update your Universal Credit account with the new rent amount so that you get paid the correct housing costs.

You need to do this on 1st April 2019 or as soon as possible after this date.

To update your details you need to:

  • Log into your Universal Credit account
  • Choose the home tab
  • Select report a change
  • Select report a housing change
  • Follow the instructions to update your rent details. The number of rent free weeks is 0
  • Check your journal – there should be an entry to say that you have reported a housing change.

Don’t delay. If you are late in informing the DWP of this change they will not pay the correct amount of housing costs in your Universal Credit.

If you are not sure what information you should add or need any help to update your rent contact our Universal Credit team on 01639 315000.