Getting Disability Benefits

Special rules for some people who get the severe disability premium…..

Do I have to claim Universal Credit?

From 16th January 2019 - those getting the ‘severe disability premium’ on their current benefits will not be able to make a new claim for UC.

  • Instead they can stay on the ‘legacy benefit’ system until they are told to claim UC. They may then be entitled to some ‘transitional protection’, ensuring they are no worse off when they swap over to UC.
  • The rules on who gets a severe disability premium are complicated but include those people who have high care needs but no-one looking after them.
  • Look on your benefit award letters to see if one is included, or ask a benefits adviser.


I’m already on UC and am worse off - what can I do?

  • If you are on UC and are receiving less benefit due to losing the severe disability premium then you may be entitled to a protection payment.
  • If you think you are, request on your UC journal to be considered for a ‘Transitional SDP Payment’.
  • If you’re not sure contact financial inclusion.