What can I do?



To prepare for Universal Credit think about:

How you would manage to make a claim online?

Tai Tarian has a Digital Inclusion officer who will be able to assist you with making your Universal Claim.








Where you can go if you don’t have your own computer?

You can use facilities at your local library.


Where you can go to build up your computer skills if you’ve never been online before.

The local job centre will be able to help or signpost you to the relevant support.



How you will manage being paid Universal Credit every month?

How you will manage until you have received your first monthly payment (one month and seven days)?

Contact the Financial inclusion Team and we will be able to discuss with you what help and support is available.


Opening a bank or credit union account. “Basic” bank accounts don’t allow you to overdraw but still charge for unmet direct debits (if there’s not enough money in the account when they come out).



Already have a bank account set up then there are many ways available to you in order to pay your rent.




If you would like to talk through some of these issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.