Who is affected ?


  • Claimants who are of working age
  • Claimants who have a change in circumstances, such as separation or formation of a couple
  • Changes such as pregnancy, birth of a child or changes to a child’s status
  • Claimants who have a change in employment status and need to claim Job Seekers Allowance or Employment and Support    Allowance
  • New claimants

Who isn’t affected at the moment?

  • Pensioners
  • Those in supported accommodation (vulnerable customers who require support)

Migration of existing claimants

The government’s current plan is that existing benefit claimants will be moved over to Universal Credit from 2019 onwards. A small number will start to be moved from July 2019 but the main 'managed migration' will take place from 2020 onwards and is currently due to be completed by December 2023.