Rent Free Weeks Notification

Payment During Weeks Commencing 2nd and 9th April 2018

During the week’s beginning 2nd and 9th April 2018, Tai Tarian does not charge rent. However, tenants who are in arrears are expected to continue paying during these weeks.

If you are in arrears, did you know that any payment you make during these rent free weeks reduces the amount you owe and makes a big difference to your debt? Please take advantage of this chance to catch up by making payments during these weeks.

For those tenants paying monthly please make the normal monthly payments for April.

Payments Can Be Made

Online: Make a Payment

By Telephone (automated line): 0844 557 8321

At any Post Office

At any store throughout the Borough which offers the PayPoint Service: PayPoint Service Logo

At one of our town centre offices: