Contents Insurance

Tai Tarian does not insure your contents (furniture, belongings or decorations) and so we encourage you to take out contents insurance to protect yourselves against incidents that can be very expensive to fix.

We have partnered up with Aviva to offer tenants insurance for the contents of their homes at a competitive price.

Some benefits and features of taking out insurance through Tai Tarian

  • Nil Excess - No ‘no claims discount’ to worry about when claiming
  • No annual renewal to worry about & 4 free weeks a year
  • Wide ranging cover – i.e., Fire, Storm, Flood & Theft
  • Accidental Damage Included for T.V’s, including satellite dishes and aerials, radios, home computers, audio and video equipment. Accidental breakage of mirrors, glass tops on furniture and ceramic hobs on cookers
  • Spoilage to food in freezers up to £200
  • Blue Chip Insurer in Aviva – confidence in claims being paid

Tai Tarian urges all tenants to take out household insurance, either through our special scheme or by making their own arrangements.