Tenants’ Responsibilities for Repairs

Reporting Repairs
Tenants are responsible for reporting any disrepair or defect for which Tai Tarian is responsible for promptly. It is especially important that any disrepairs and defects that are likely to cause injury or damage to people or property are reported immediately.

Tai Tarian is only under an obligation to carry out a repair once we have been informed of the need for it. This does not, however, negate the duty of care.

In cases of criminal damage and vandalism, the tenant should report the incident to the Police and supply a Police Crime Reference Number (not Incident Number) before work will be carried out. However, Tai Tarian will carry out work which affects their statutory responsibilities.

Minor Repairs

Under the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement tenants are responsible for a range of minor repairs and replacements around their homes. We also expect tenants to carry out small household tasks, for example, bleeding radiators or turning off a stopcock to prevent a serious flood.

Tenants are responsible for carrying out the following repairs or arranging and/or paying for this to be done:

  • repairs to the tenant’s own appliances, fixtures and fittings (including electric plugs, TV aerials, satellite dishes and pipe work to washing machines)
  • replacing plugs and chains to sinks, basins and baths
  • replacing broken glass to doors or windows unless it can be proved that the damage was outside the tenant’s control. In cases of a break-in or vandalism the tenant must supply a Police Crime Reference Number for avoidance of recharge and to help us claim from our insurance
  • replacing lost keys and gaining access if locked out
  • decorating inside the home, including making good minor plaster faults and cracks, except where redecorating is required as a result of a repair
  • TV aerials and sockets (except communal aerials)
  • replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters, electrical plugs and domestic fuses, some detector's batteries
  • maintaining individual gardens including hedge and lawn cutting and clearing away rubbish
  • replacing ash pans and fire baskets for solid fuel fires
  • taking steps to prevent water in pipes and tanks freezing, this does not include the insulation of pipes or tanks
  • taking care to prevent the blocking of drains, gutters and sewers
  • clearing blocked sinks, baths and basins
  • replacing clothes lines between posts (except in communal areas)
  • replacing shelves, curtain rails and roller blinds.