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Cutting back on mowing to help wildlife

Fri 13 May 2022
What we're doing to help wildlife to thrive

Contact Centre staff at work

The faces behind the phones

Wed 27 Apr 2022
We caught up with our contact centre staff

New homes being built

More new homes on the way

Wed 27 Apr 2022
More homes being built

A block for flats in Briton Ferry

A new way to apply for housing!

Wed 27 Apr 2022
Making it easier to apply for housing

Houses in Caewern

The way you rent is changing

Wed 27 Apr 2022
Important changes coming soon

Surveyors taking measurements on a home

Retrofitting our homes – What’s it all about?

Wed 27 Apr 2022
Helping make your homes more sustainable


Tom’s gardening tips

Wed 27 Apr 2022
Get your garden looking great

Feeling the pinch? Steph can help...

Tue 26 Apr 2022
Some hints and tips to help you through the cost of living crisis