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HomeSwapper is an on-line service that allows tenants looking for a swap to find a new home that fits their needs.

To use the service, tenants need to register for free on the www.homeswapper.co.uk website, enter details about their current property and what they’re looking for in their new home. The service then automatically searches through the thousands of properties on its database to find a home that matches their criteria.

A swap involves swapping homes with another tenant, either from a housing association or local authority anywhere in the UK, providing you and the other party have the rights and want to swap.

What happens when I find someone to swap with?

  • Swap forms for all parties need to be completed and returned to Tai Tarian before it can be processed.
  • Once all forms have been received a Lettings Officer will arrange to visit you to complete a property inspection. (The purpose of the visit is to ensure that you are not in breach of any conditions of your contract.  You will be advised at the visit of any problems that will need to be rectified.)

Please note that we will refuse permission for a swap if:

  • You have outstanding rent owing.
  • Your home is in a poor condition, state of decoration, or damaged.
  • The property you wish to move to is unsuitable for your needs or the person you wish to swap with (for example, it would be too large or small or has had disabled facilities which are not needed by you)
  • You are in any other breach of your contract.

Your application will then be assessed as quickly as possible and you will receive an answer within 28 days of your application.

If the swap is approved, you will be notified in writing and you will need to then contact repairs to arrange for a gas safety check.

You will need to arrange with all parties to attend the office with the Lettings Officer to sign an agreement.