Money Advice

Money Advice

What Do I Do If I Am Struggling To Pay My Rent?

If you are having difficulty keeping up with payments, you should contact us straight away. We can help in a number of ways such as giving advice on how to manage your money and helping you to apply for benefits. Our number is 01639 506623.

We understand that sometimes difficulties arise and we want to help you pay your rent regularly so that you don’t fall into debt. It is important that you contact us as soon as you know there is a problem.

What Can I Do If I Am In Debt?

There are a number of ways to sort out your debt problems:

  • Do not ignore debts, they will not go away by themselves
  • Check you are claiming all the benefits and tax credits you are entitled to
  • Pay priority bills first - rent, council tax and utility bills such as gas and electricity
  • Contact any organisation you owe money to as soon as you fall in to difficulties.

Work out what money comes in and what money goes out each week. Understanding what your budget is will help you offer reasonable repayments off debts. When speaking to organisations always keep copies of letters and record what has been agreed in a telephone conversation. Seek independent financial advice. There are a number of organisations which can help you cope with the worry of debt and some of these are listed in the Money Matters Guide.

How Do I Budget?

Budgeting is all about knowing and having control over how much income you have, what your outgoings are and making sure your outgoings are not higher than your income. Using a budget sheet is a good way of controlling your money. Click here to access our Budget Sheet.


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